Release 15 - Enhanced Notifications & User Permissions

Overdue Task Notifications

When a task is now overdue by 24 hours , to prevent your team from falling behind the project timeline we will send a task overdue notification to get everyone back on track.

This notification can be managed by the Project Manager directly in the project options.

**All newly created projects will inherit this default notification**

**Within each project, only the Account Admin and Project Manager have permission to override these options**

New Feature - Task Overdue

See Collaborate as a Project Team

Admin Permissions

Project Mangers now have total control over each project including

  • Project Manager Status
  • Project Invite Notifications
  • Task Assigned Notifications
  • Due Soon Notifications
  • Task Overdue Notifications
  • Privatizing a Project
  • Who can delete a project

App Performance Upgrade

Project Central has also been upgraded to improve speed and user experience.