Release 18 - Project Files, Cards & Checklist Items

Connect your Document Library to an Individual Folder

For Project Files, users now have the ability to select a specific folder to connect to and not just the top level folder. This ensures that project managers have flexibility while still maintaining a single repository for project deliverables. 

For more information see Connect a SharePoint Library.

See Project Manager Listed On the Project Card

The user that is currently assigned as the Project Manager on a project will appear on the Project Card on the Projects page. This helps senior executives see if anyone is over-burdened or who to go to for an update on any project at any time. 

Add Multiple Items to a Task Checklist at Once

The user now has the ability to paste a list of checklist items into a field, in a similar manner to how they can do so for the task list and task side panel. This will speed up project planning and ensure that tasks are filled out with all the details required to finish the work.

For more information see Add Checklists to Tasks.