You can access Project Central at and with Microsoft Teams. See Access Project Central.


A Project Central account is a separate instance of Project Central with its own projects, team members, and configuration options. The same login can be used for all associated accounts, and Project Central makes it easy to switch between accounts once logged in. See Manage Accounts.

Active Directory

Active Directory was developed by Microsoft as a method of centrally managing user access to Window’s based networks and servers. It allows administrators manage identity and control over vast amounts of users within a network. This not only gives users a single login to their windows machine but also access to shared resources within the confines of the domain. For end-users, you simply log in once to your machine and access whatever you need.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed provides transparency for changes made within the project over time, and displays who made the changes and the updates. See Monitor Project Activity.


After connecting a document library to a project, you can then attach a file to a task from within the Task Side Panel; this does not actually copy any files directly into your project site, but rather creates a link to your Microsoft 365 hosted SharePoint document library. See Add Files to a Project.



Project Central boards visually display tasks using cards to represent work items, and columns to represent each stage of the process. See Update Task Status with the Project Board.


Calendar Integration

View Project Central tasks on an external calendar. See View Tasks on an External Calendar.


A Checklist allows you to break down a task into smaller steps, each of which is not typically large enough to be a task on its own. See Add Checklists to Tasks.


Help your colleagues have an easy time keeping track of all the important elements of the project, and tasks assigned to them. You can send automated gentle reminders to task assignees, and they can in turn make updates to their tasks to show all the progress they're making. See Collaborate as a Project Team.


Comments help keep team members fully informed on how important aspects of a project are proceeding. If you would like to direct a comment to a specific Project Central user, use @ to mention them, and they will then be notified of the comment by email. See Add Comments to Tasks.

Create New Project

When creating a new project, you have the option of either starting with a clean slate blank project, or you can get an even faster and more relevant start by using a template included with the product, or one that you or a colleague previously created yourself. See Create the Project.



The Project Central dashboard is a graphical user interface which provides views of key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics, such as start and finish dates, project status, project health, team members, and tags. See Update Project Dashboard.

Delete Project

You can easily delete a project by using the Delete button on the project Options screen. See Delete a Project.

Delete Tasks

You can delete a task from the Options section of the Task Pane. See Review Project Structure and Update Tasks.


Export to Excel or PDF

In the Layout section of the Projects screen, you have the option to choose a list view that can be used for reporting purposes on screen, and as an export to PDF or Excel. See Report on Projects.



See Files.

Filter Tasks

There are many filter options to help you narrow down a list of items to just those that have a specific attribute. See View and Focus on Selected Tasks.

Flag Tasks

See Flag Tasks.


Gantt Chart

A Gantt chart is a special form of bar chart that represents the project schedule with task start and end dates, and visually depicts dependency relationships between the tasks, as well as task status. See View the Schedule on a Gantt Chart.

Guest Access

Invite guests to join your projects. See Invite Team Members.


In App Support Chat

See In App Support Chat.



See Login.


Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a subscription service from Microsoft which includes the Office product line, productivity cloud applications, device management, and advanced security.

Microsoft SharePoint Online Integration

See Microsoft SharePoint Online Integration.

Microsoft Teams

See Microsoft Teams.

My Profile

See My Profile.

My Tasks

The My Tasks feature allows a user to see all of their open and closed tasks across all projects in the account. My Tasks also has the option to export to a calendar feed via iCal. See Manage My Tasks.



See Navigation.


Project Central can be configured to automatically send notification emails to project users when tasks they are assigned to are first assigned, due soon, or are overdue. Task notifications can be configured at either the global level, or at the individual project level (overrides the global notification settings). See Setup Task Notifications.



See Permissions.

Project Filters

See Project Filters.

Project Options

See Project Options.


Responsive Screens

Project Central has 4 fully responsive break-points (Desktop-5K, Desktop-HD, Desktop-SD, Tablet, Tablet-7inch), as well as phone responsiveness for many areas of the app. See Access Project Central from other devices.



You can search for projects by title or tag on the main Project screen. See Search and Sort Projects.


A parent summary task that groups child tasks into separate groupings within a task list. See Layout the Project Structure.


Manually sort projects, or choose to sort by one of the many attribute options. See Search and Sort Projects.



Tags are labels that can be used to categorize projects that can help you search and find similar projects. Projects can have multiple labels, and new custom labels can be created. See Tag the Project.

Task Assignment

See Assign Tasks to Team Members.

Task Duplication

See Duplicate a Task.


A task is one step in a list of many steps that need to be completed before a project can be closed. Tasks include attributes such as start and finish dates, assignees, and status. See Layout the Project Structure.

Team Members

You can invite Microsoft 365 Azure Active Directory users to collaborate on your projects. See Invite Team Members.


A template is a saved project with predefined elements such as tasks, dates, and team members, that can be used as a starting point for new projects. See Save a Project as a Template.