Manage Across Accounts

Manage Accounts

Project Central allows the setup of different Accounts, each of which could have many projects within them; this lets you keep sets of projects very separate. For example, Sales, Marketing, and HR can each have their own accounts with their own projects. Note that each account will require its own subscription. 


Manage Notifications

You can configure Project Central to automatically send notification emails about tasks (assigned, due soon, and overdue) from across all projects:

Manage Templates

To make changes to a previously saved project template click into the account settings screen, and then the Templates option:

Manage Users

In the account settings screen, you have the ability to remove users from the entire account and associated projects (for example, if someone leaves your organization): 


Manage Tags

You can rename, change color, or delete Tags for all projects with Settings > Tags:

Manage Your Profile

Need to sign out of Project Central? Click into My Profile and click Sign Me Out:


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