New Articles

  1. (Exercise) Plan a Project

    Create a new project in your Project Central account. Complete any of the options from these two sections, Initiate a Project - and - Plan a Project , that you think would be helpful for you and your team to plan the upcoming project. Feel free...
  2. (Exercise) Manage Across Projects

    Review the options from these two sections, Manage Across Tasks - and - Manage Across Projects , to identify practices that you think would be helpful for you and your team to manage across multiple projects. As before, feel free to select as ma...
  3. Navigating Project Central

    At the very top of the Project Central screen you'll find the account navigation icons, not specific to any one project, but rather settings that relate to all of your projects.
  4. Getting Started Guide

    We've prepared a video and article to help guide you through your initial usage of Project Central.
  5. What is Project Central?

    Project Central is a simplified project management solution built to help you collaborate easily and effectively with your team.
  6. Manage Across Tasks

    Manage My Tasks There's no need to click into every single project to see all the tasks that are assigned to you. The My Tasks reporting page makes it easy to see all of your tasks, no matter which project they may reside in. To manage...
  7. Manage Across Accounts

    Manage Accounts Project Central allows the setup of different Accounts, each of which could have many projects within them; this lets you keep sets of projects very separate. For example, Sales, Marketing, and HR can each have their own accou...